A slight mind shift may the key. 

At Mild Red, LLC, we emphasize that it’s all about the past performance. What does that mean? 

In the Government contracting world, companies are asked to prove they can do the work to be able to compete and win a prime contract.  

Your past performance is your proof. For a competitive bid, you need to prove that your company has provided at least 51% of work that is similar in size and scope.  

For competitive bids, companies are limited to citing 3-5 past performances of similar size and scope. The work needs to have performed within the last 3 years: sometimes within the last 5 years.  

Having your past performance organized with an executive summary for your superiors to reference, helps your BD and capture strategists spend less time defending the initial “go/no-go” decision and more time to focus on teaming, gathering customer intelligence and creating a win theme and pricing strategy. 

Whether you choose to start and/or update your past performance repository internally or hire a trusted resource to do it for you, the slight mind shift in choosing opportunities that align with your past performance rather than choosing an opportunity and then seeing if you have the past performance to support may the key to using your peoples’ more efficiently. 

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