What if you choose opportunities that align with your past performance rather than choosing an opportunity and then seeing if you have the past performance to support?  A slight mind shift may be the key to a more productive business development and capture efforts. 

Mild Red, LLC supports small businesses build their brand and market presence within the DoD and Federal Civilian marketspace.

Leading the team is Katie Helwig, President and Co-founder of Mild Red, LLC. Katie’s sales and marketing experience embarked during the time where WYSIWYG and GUI were buzz words and Touchscreen technology was leading edge. Since 2015, Katie has served many roles in the government small business contracting community that include director of corporate development and small business for AFCEA International, a non-profit industry association that connects government, industry and academia to discuss mission, needs and solutions within the C5ISR arena. Katie still serves the AFCEA small business community as a Small Business Committee Member and co-chair for the BD Roundtable sub-committee. 

I’m happiest when I have the opportunity to engage, inform and connect. 

Previous to starting Mild Red, Katie’s role was to support small businesses maximize their potential on the GSA OASIS contract vehicle. Success was realized with more than $600 million in contract awards on and off the vehicle.

Every client is different.

There’s no one way to be successful. Each company and its people bring their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). At Mild Red, the SWOT analysis begins with past performance. It’s all about the past performance.