As the anticipated OASIS+ contract awards approach in May 2024, it’s crucial to position yourself for success. Whether you’re new to the OASIS vehicle or a seasoned player, aligning your strategy is paramount.

  • Have you begun to fill your pipeline with OASIS recompetes that align with your past performance?
  • Have you assigned dedicated resources (contracts person and a program manager) to serve as your OASIS POCs?
  • Have you created a marketing strategy to support your BD and capture goals?

If you find these questions overwhelming, fear not – below are actionable steps to kickstart your OASIS+ Business Development (BD) strategy.

Strategic Data Gathering

Begin by creating a comprehensive spreadsheet of OASIS and HCATS contract awards. Utilize the GSA FAS OASIS and HCATS Dashboard as your go-to public resource. This invaluable tool offers insights into:

  • Spending by Federal Agency
  • Breakdowns by Industry Partner
  • Data Feed Analysis

A quick tip: The NAICS Code feed is misleading. Focus on the Data Feed for robust planning.

To access the Data Feed:

  • Click on the small bar graph.
  • Navigate to the Data Feed Tab.
  • Identify the desired contracts under the Contract_Name tab.
  • Choose specific Pools for detailed information.
  • Customize your criteria based on relevance.
  • Follow the provided instructions to download data into Excel.

Insider Tips for Success

Learn from those who have navigated OASIS successfully. Engage with trusted colleagues or OASIS Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on key areas, including:

  1. Mastering HTRO contract evaluations.
  2. Effectively marketing OASIS+ to existing customers.
  3. Leveraging GSA OASIS OSIG (OASIS Shared Interest Group) for learning, networking, and marketing.
  4. Collaborating with GSA Regional Offices to market OASIS+ to new customers.

Strategic Networking and Sub-Contracting

Whether you plan to be a prime contractor or a sub-contractor on OASIS or OASIS+, utilize OASIS contract expires to align with your past performance and foster customer intimacy. Begin networking today by accessing vendors currently on OASIS using the GSA e-library.

Drawing from Experience

I have been following the OASIS journey since 2015 when I joined AFCEA International. Since then, I have been an OASIS Program Manager on an OASIS SBP1 contract and a strategic client support representative for more than 20 OASIS SBP1, 8AP1, SBP3, 8AP3 vendors. I have been a part of various formulas for success. If you don’t have your own trusted resource or OASIS SME, feel free to reach out to Katie Helwig. It’s not too early to begin your plan for success.

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