“In the military we called it “esprit de corps” — the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion and strong regard for the group. A challenge to accomplish in the private sector, particularly when the team is geographically disbursed. Mild Red Corporate Morale Services brings the company owners and corporate employees together for a virtual hour of connecting. What started out as an experiment has turned into a monthly get-together. Highly recommend” — Mark McIntosh, Executive Director, Business Development Group, Odyssey Systems Consulting Group.

We are pleased to introduce our service — Corporate Morale Services

We’ll work with your Human Resources Department to customize and deliver a virtual event for an hour of brainpower, connecting and fun.

Our trivia host extraordinaire honed her craft during the COVID lockdown by hosting Facebook Live Trivia for family and friends, as well as in person at the Sumter Original Brewery in South Carolina.

It’s not just for Trivia fans — there’s a variety of topics and genres to engage all skill and interest levels.

A one-hour virtual event for December or January is $150. Slots are filling fast. Contact us today for availability