TIMEThere are not enough hours in the day for a business to complete all the tasks on the To-Do list. Research, reporting and recording are placed in the “when there’s time” bucket. As a business grows, the “when there’s time” bucket grows to become an arduous task that is put aside due to more pressing concerns. In the areas of business development and capture, past performance templates, repositories and reference documents fall in the “when there’s time” rather than the “must do” bucket. The opportunity cost for taking staff away from active pursuits seems too high of a price to pay.

Why repositories, libraries and templates are a necessity.

As your business grows, training and orientating new employees need to be efficient, understandable and informative. If your program and capture managers do not have a complete understanding of your company’s capabilities and past performance, the less confidence they have in pursuing opportunities outside of their comfort zone.

Mild Red, LLC supports your corporate development team in creating a scale-able infrastructure to maximize business development and capture pursuits.